hey friendly neighborhood introvert telling you that if you cant afford to buy a fancy terrarium like I wanted to just make 10000 out of mason jars and fill them with love. This is all you need:

1) add a layer of flat but moderate to large river stones half an inch to an inch high depending on the container

2) add a layer of tiny pebbles about the same thickness as layer one

3) add a layer of soon to be completely rotten organic materials. I usually go searching for a fallen tree and use rotting wood or other rotting and spongey things, should be like an inch thick

4) this is hella important cause plants like dirt almost as much as me so spend the most time finding rich dark fluffy moist dirt…. like by a rotting stump or fallen trees. try not to kill and baby bugs in the process

5) get some moss

6) find cutie plants and CAREFULLY dig up their roots and hollow out a little spot for them. cross your fingers they’re happy there!

7) close your lid make a tiny hole they need to breathe, also drip some water in there so its all moist

8) sit back sip some tea and admire your work